Welcome to Salescouch Partnership!


About us: Salescouch.com is an online business execution and customer acquisition software company. We develop software that focuses on business operations, customer management, marketing, and social business; making the business owner's & customer’s life easier.

Our Vision: We decentralize the market and create an opportunity for each business owners and support them to be competitive in the fast-changing market. Our cloud-based software helps Salescouchs and suppliers acquire new customers and retain the customer without losing them to top market players. We help our customers better understand the market needs and their customer's experience, to operate their business more efficiently.


What is this Partnership about?


To provide an opportunity for highly motivated and energetic people to run their own business at free of cost and get benefited from our technology platform. This program is designed to decentralize the market and provide an opportunity for individuals to work and promote any business.


What is the investment required for this Partnership?


Salescouch franchise program is free to join, and no investment required and requires no technical knowledge. Offer a unique opportunity for a people to earn money & operate a business from their couch.


How easy is the customer acquisition?


Our product is designed to fit for any business; for example Fashion, Cosmetic, Books, Electronic, Groceries or any legally sellable products.


How Does It Work?


We offer free software for small and medium business owners and using our software any business owners can go online and operate their business successfully. We operate our business by charging sellers as % commission for their every sale.

When you join our Partnership program, our franchise manager will maintain your portfolio. Each seller join to our system through your reference or network we will associate your account with that seller through our backend system, and on each successful transaction the seller does through our network we will share % of their total transaction amount.


How can I join this partnership program?


You have to fill the form in the right-hand side, and we will provide you a unique link, and you have to pass the link to business owner’s and also share it in your social networking and with your friends. We can track the sellers who joined through your reference.


How much can I earn?


Our goal is to make you successful, so as soon as you become a partner with us, we credit $100 or equal to $100 in your currency as a welcome gift, and you can withdraw this money when your earnings reach $200.

On an average, our partners make $5000 to $75000 per month depending on the effort they put. Below table can explain how much you can make per month.

Duration Number of Sellers you referred Your commission percentage Average sales per day Average cost of one sales Your earnings per month
First Month One 2.5% 10 20 $150
Six to eight Months Fifty 2.5% 10 30 $ 11,250
One year to two years Hundred 2% 10 30 $ 18,000

How my payments are generated and I receive?


We keep track of each business referred by you, and the verify their positive transactions profit, and we will share that % you made through that transaction.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $50, and at the end of each month, you are eligible to withdraw your amount directly through our support payment gateway to your bank account.


How long my contract or association with Salescouch?


You got five years of earning opportunity from the day you signed up with us. If you are interested, you are welcome to renew your contact as a fresh account at the end of each five years.